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Green Energy Management

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Hilt’s Green Energy Management solutions consolidate the work of various design and engineering to produce high-value buildings that cost less to operate; are environmentally sensitive; and are more marketable than buildings designed through the conventional approach. With our focus on sustainable and environment-friendly solutions, HILT’s seasoned team assists developers, builders, architects, public agencies, and planners to incorporate green building methods, materials and technologies into their facilities, thus leading the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

From a single structure to an entire community, HILT works with its clients to create successful programs that guide the building professionals to design, build and market green buildings successfully, by doing so, this inspires the public to embrace green buildings and their products/services. Our team of Energy and Building Specialists also helps building owners and builders retrofit and build high performance buildings that are healthier, more energy efficient, comfortable, durable and environmentally responsible.

HILT’s Green Energy Management solutions and its team of experts enable clients to optimize the energy, water and material efficiency of their new or existing building through:

  • Verification of Utility Demand
  • Feasibilityofownershipandoperationofdistrictcooling/heatingplants
  • Energy Value Analysis (EVA) of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) designs

 Providing the Green building design guidelines for single and multiple building projects based on a suitable Green building rating system that is accepted in and adaptable to the local conditions. We also coordinate with the Green entities to certify the buildings by providing innovative Green Solutions such as Renewable Energy